Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Man Made Laws (Beep) changing

My first suggestion would be for you to watch the movie "Demolition Man". It told the prophecy very well and even given the date when all this was going to happen. It stipulated that all of this was going to happen around 2010. And what just happen on August 2, 2010? An article surfaced about cussing at work, it wasn't only about the public but the working environment as well. So what happen to Freedom of Speech? It seemed to be that the rights of the people were slowly being changed to fit the slave owners called the industry. Believe it or not, the movie industries has the major role in the outcome of America and the world. Yes, the United States of America movie industries are a part of that organization and control of everyone. Oh sure, people have said that this control was the President, Congress, Government,Senate, House of Representatives, FBI, CIA, Secret Service, Black Ops etc...but they are not the real powers to be. It is a secret organization hidden in plain sight.

Believe it or not that the 14th Amendment was discussed and sought change a few weeks ago. But little did the people knew that the 14th Amendment protected the rights of the 1st Amendment. And guess what the 1st Amendment is? "Freedom of Speech". And now that the 15th Amendment will be on the chopping block. Now after several months of this, the focus of gay marriages has come to fruition in California. These people have jumped on the backs of social injustice of racism; using that tool of race to fix their broken democracy.

Now does all of this effect the 13th Amendment? Quite frankly, it does with the rights to employment. This 13th Amendment was the voluntary slavery act of the Constitution. Most people don't know that, when they filled out the application for a job, this was an act of signing up for VOLUNTARY SLAVERY. So once the change occurred on the 14th and 15th Amendment. It will not just change two, but a majority of all the rights of ownership. Now who will be the slave masters? The rich and the elite who never paid the majority of the taxes. So that is why the economy is broken. The middle class isn't footing the bill for the slave owners anymore. This was never about the President of the United States, but only a scapegoat for the rich to get richer. And guess what happens to the middle class? They will get poorer and poorer. So mark your calendar for November 2010, and 2011.

But that's not all in the agenda of this secret society. The major earth quake in California is still brewing at the fault line and the civil war is just around the corner. Only in a matter of time will make the difference of life and death of those people. And they can either heed the warning signs or continue to ignore these next catastrophic events. Regardless of anything else, it will happen either now or later. Their balance of life and death equates the belief in God or the secular life. The choice has always been ours.

But people have either forgotten the turning of times or just outright plainly ignoring the prophecy of war. Anger has struck America so much that it would be impossible to list the changes. Only in the matter of time that people will truly believe. And when this prophecy was written in my first book and discussed on the Radio in 2008, it became reality on August 11, 2010. The war is slowing coming to pass as a White man killed or horribly stabbed several Black men in Virginia. And apparently it was for no reason identified, but people have speculated it was skin color. The time is winding down and society continues to ignore the end time prophecies. And for the people who do not believe or will not remember this blog, remember this: "Your time is almost up".

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