Thursday, February 25, 2010

Prophecy on Earthquake in Lake Herman

Most people do not know or don't care where Lake Herman is located. So to make this prophecy more specific this lake is located right in the path of the San Andreas fault line in California. And over a century ago, actually in 1906 a violent earthquake occurred along the San Andreas fault line destroyed what ever was in its path. Needless to say this lake was located, as of today, on this path of destruction. So ask your Governor has any steps been taken to secure this major disaster that will soon happen? I'm sure the incident on April 18, 1906 has been long forgotten.

I'm here to bring out the Truth in the matter of speaking that this will happen again. Too many earthquakes are frequently happening, it is just a matter of time before this lake will be affected. And why is this so important? Well, this lake provides fresh water to the surrounding cities .IE San Francisco. And if this earthquake contaminates this fresh water supply, what would will happen to those cities?

This information was stored in the Virtual Museum in San Francisco. Wrote by Victor Elmo Perry

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