Thursday, September 30, 2010



But who to believe?

"I have a notion that one of the other worlds lives and breathes like our very own."

How could one man without any technological experience knew this way before R.Paul Butler, NASA or any other Astrologer did with advance equipment? What made J.R. Freeman technological advance than his predecessors? Did his Near Death Experience set him apart from the rest of the world? Or did his walk with God proved everything he has predicted as: "ALL KNOWING"?

The very first chapter of "The Otherworld and Beyond", brought this out plain and clear. Insomuch that some of them just read it as entertainment rather than facts. But those facts rest assured on other forms of intellect as people have so ever depended upon. The given rights to ownership can only be accepted by society. But who has this authority? Many have claimed the leaders of the nation such as the Media, Secret Societies, Freemasons, Congress, Presidents, Senators, Governors, Leaders of the corporate world and etc...So many people have set foot in this direction and came to dead end. But do they turn around and start a new process or create their own path of resistance? Quite frankly they start the resistance to that path. This has been done from the very beginning of time. They work through their destructive behavior regardless of the outcome.

But who is really out there to believe? Do you believe a person simply because they were selected by man? Or do you believe someone who has been to many worlds without man made technology,someone who was not a part of this selection of mankind~"Something of higher intelligence".

Although Time is winding down to that particular date of 2012. That intellectual thinking process for some are growing smarter, more knowledgeable without school, machinery or the leaders of society. No one can simply tell a person they are getting smarter, they just know it. So this blog will be an subtle answer to the question that has been asked so many times before, "Who has the rights to this world?" ~ click on the either the two first sentences above.

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